Guided Waterfowl Hunting Tours

Chincoteague Hunting & Fishing Center hosts guided waterfowl hunting tours across Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Home to the largest, most diverse waterfowl habitats in the U.S, our expert guides will take you through an afternoon of open waters, creeks and marshlands to track and hunt dozens of species.

Chincoteague Hunting & Fishing Cntr. has been rated as one of the top one hundred greatest waterfowl outfitters in North America.

"...Capt. Pete Wallace has set up a waterfowling outfitting service that will gladden the heart of any hunter".

We utilize approximately 100 blinds to canvass a wide array of attractive roosting areas for Virginia’s waterfowl. Our guides lead you across ponds, coastlines, bays and sounds, using decoys to lure in ducks and geese. This will help you set up each spot and retrieve your birds. We often move a few times throughout the hunt depending on weather conditions, tides and the type of waterfowl you are hunting. It is possible to hunt Puddle ducks, Divers, Sea Ducks, Brant and Geese all in the same day.

All of our guides are licensed Coast Guard Captains and our vessels are Coast Guard inspected to ensure safe, effective hunting at every trip. Owner and Captain, Pete Wallace, puts his 30 years of experience in waterfowl hunting to work with strategic locations and techniques to lure in a wide variety of sport.

For more information or to schedule a duck or waterfowl-hunting outing, contact Capt. Pete Wallace at 1-888-231-4868 or 1-757-894-8148

This business is one of a number of private businesses authorized within Assateague Island National Seashore by written agreement with the National Park Service to provide appropriate recreational services to seashore visitors. Assateague Island National Seashore does not endorse this business over any other authorized providers. Please direct all inquiries and comments related to the quality of these services within the seashore to the Superintendent, Assateague Island National Seashore, 7206 National Seashore Lane, Berlin, MD. 21811.

Latest News And Updates

Click Me! Coming off our best season ever in 2012/2013 everyone is looking forward to the upcoming season which starts on November 16th. We finished up the final 3 days of last season with 18 different species of birds. Last years warm weather in the early part of season provided for some excellent diver, Brant & Black duck shooting. The cold weather at the end gave us some of the best mixture of species we have ever had. All conditions indicate another great season to come. Unfortunately the duck wizards have decided that we killed too many Brant last year, so they have closed the season until December 23rd. Their reasoning was that Hurricane Sandy made them easier to hunt. The facts are, we killed more Brant because there where more Brant. Sandy had little to no effect on our winter tidal wetland environment. Sandy did however wipe out our ability to hunt Saxis, on the Chesapeake side last year. I will try to keep this section updated on the arrival of different species & their numbers. Capt. Pete